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Print out of your temperature graph

You can print your personal body temperatures as a graph simply by telephoning a Bioself® centre. You can print the precise temperatures and status of your last 12 cycles. Please contact us per e-mail (see below) for a phone appointment.

This information can be particularly valuable, especially in the first analyses of fertility problems. The personal body temperature graph is, for example, a reliable method of determining ovulation.

The temperature graph can also be used for determining pregnancy. In this case, the Bioself fertility indicator displays a specific message on the screen. Printing your data will also provide you with your likely delivery date.

You can transmit the data stored in the memory of the device to a Bioself® centre by using the “TEL” menu. You simply place your device on a telephone mouthpiece and follow a few easy steps. The contents of the memory will be instantly transmitted and you will subsequently receive a printed graph of all the data saved, by mail.
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last updated on March 4th, 2014