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The Bioself device

Bioself is a small portable electronic device, composed of a probe to record your temperature, three indicator lights that tell you your daily level of fertility, a red push button to record the beginning of your period, a black push button to access to you lastly recorded temperatures and a liquid crystal display which lets your read your temperature everyday.

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The probe allows you to record your temperature every day, by the mouth, the rectum or the vagina.
The probe also allows you to turn on the display screen by pressing the two metal parts of the probe simultaneously.

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Green light indicator

The green light tells you that you are in the infertile phase of your cycle. This is the phase during which sexual intercourse should not result in pregnancy.

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Constant red light indicator

The constant red light means that you are in the less fertile phase of your cycle. During this phase, there is a small probability of conception.

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Flashing red light indicator

the flashing red light means that you are in the very fertile phase of your cycle. It is the phase during which your chances of conceiving a child are greatest.

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Red menstruation button

Each month, on the first day of menstruation, you must push the red button to inform Bioself that you are beginning a new menstrual cycle.

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Black button

The black button allows you to access the different menus for computer programs in the device. You can, for example, gain manual access to the temperatures and lengths of your last cycles.

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Battery compartment

Bioself® uses 3 alkaline 1.5V batteries, AAA/LRO3 standard.

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Transmission speaker

You can transmit by telephone all the data stored in the memory of the device to a Bioself centre and have it printed out as a graph (info).

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Bioself: Swiss made Valtronic.

last updated on March 4th, 2014