The aim of Bioself-SymptoTherm

The natural way for pregnancy avoiders and for pregnancy achievers

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Could you use it?

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Could You Use It?

You can use Bioself if:

  • You have menstrual cycles lasting between 18 and 39 days.
  • You are not using hormonal treatments which affect your menstrual cycle (e.g., the pill).
  • You are not breast feeding.
  • You do not have menopause symptoms.
  • You are not taking medication which affects your body temperature.
  • You choose to use Bioself as a contraceptive aid, and you & your partner are sufficiently motivated to scrupulously respect the light signals (abstinence or protected sexual relations during the "red" fertile phase).

Bioself does not provide any protection against sexually transmitted diseases (HIV, etc.).

last updated on March 4th, 2014