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Is Bioself for you?

Bioself offers a safe, natural alternative to family planning.

A growing number of women today are deciding in favour of natural family planning methods - because of health reasons, because their needs change during their reproductive life or because they are unsatisfied with contraceptives.

Many of them, when using a natural method, find it a positive experience, becoming more aware of their bodies, its signs and symptoms.

Principle Advantages:

  • Awareness and control of fertility
  • No need to take medication
  • No need for chemical or mechanical intervention in the body
  • No side effects

Bioself monitors and interprets the natural signs and symptoms of fertility during the course of your menstrual cycle. Bioself functions in complete harmony with your body and does not modify, in any way, your natural physiology.

Do you wish to plan your pregnancy? Bioself can be used to assist conception.

One couple in six faces difficulties in conceiving a child. Bioself helps you to notice the first signs and the moment of ovulation. The device identifies the days of maximum fertility, allowing you to plan sexual relations that could lead to pregnancy.

Do you wish to avoid pregnancy? Bioself can be used as a contraceptive aid.

Bioself determines the fertile and infertile phases of your menstrual cycle. When it is a "green" day, you can have sexual relations without having to use a barrier contraceptive. When it is a "red" day, you must abstain from sexual relations or use a barrier contraceptive.

last updated on March 4th, 2014