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Advantages of Bioself

Why do I need a book in addition to this sophisticated fertility processor? Isn't it enough to have a good user's notice?

Thanks to Bioself you can easily spot your fertile, highly fertile and infertile days. This might be enough for you.

It's really no more difficult than swallowing a pill every day - even easier, once your Bioself has recorded your individual cycle profile, as you don't have to take your temperature any more during the infertile ("green") days. Assuming your health is okay, you won't need to measure your temperature for between 12 and 18 days during your cycle!

There are two important items that should be noted, for Bioself users, with the approach listed in the book. Firstly, the instrument Bioself makes it easier for you to learn the sympto-thermal method, which demands you to chart your results every day. This job is done by your Bioself unit. Secondly, by learning the sympto-thermal method you will deepen your knowledge about your menstrual cycle. This knowledge can be used in two different ways: either to become pregnant or to avoid pregnancy and to identify more accurately the infertile days of your cycle than you can do with Bioself alone. Thus you increase the number of days when contraception is unnecessary. It is up to you to chose how far you want to go discovering your body, monitoring your cycle and improving your sex life.

last updated on March 4th, 2014