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>Testimonials from the Bioself Team
>Testimonials from Clients

Testimonials from the Inventor of Bioself and the Founders of SymptoTherm Foundation

Edmond Desjacques, Architect, Inventor of Bioself, Geneva

«My mother (born in 1906) was the oldest of 14 brothers and sisters! I am the oldest of six (born in 1933) and my wife and I have three children. I am deeply convinced that the « pill » and other chemical products, which were intended to liberate the human body, will sooner or later create serious problems for humanity. This is the main reason why I participated at an international study about birth regulation and its methods during the seventies. Finally, I also financed this study to develop Bioself. For me it was the only way to help couples increase, harmoniously, their physical and psychological health.

The little computer which enables a woman to know, with great precision, her fertile and infertile days, was the result of these investigations. The fertility computer integrates and combines two natural methods. With additional information from the sympto-thermal method, the results of Bioself are even more precise.»

Christine Bourgeois, INER-Counsellor (Institut for Natural Birth Regulation, Prof. Rötzer), Morges, Switzerland, co-founder of SymptoTherm-Foundation (

«For the last 23 years I have been using the sympto-thermal method. Thanks to it I know my body much better; fertility and the menstrual cycle have no secrets any more. The perception and interpretation of the signs of fertility have assisted me through all irregular cycles, also during breast feeding and now in the pre-menopause. All the life sequences of a woman can be mastered by the sympto-thermal method. One last detail: The costs for the gynaecologists have disappeared and the intimate dialogue with my partner has deepened. As a result, sexuality has gained a new dimension and quality. For many couples, Bioself will be an enormous aid in getting into the sympto-thermal method.»

R. Harri Wettstein, Philosopher, Founder of SymptoTherm Foundation in Morges, Switzerland ( and author

«When at the age of 49 I discovered the sympto-thermal method through Christine, it struck me like a blizzard. I was furious about our so called «enlightened» society which conceals from us this marvellous gift of nature. I was at that time divorced from a women with whom I was married 20 years and who would not use the pill. I always respected this decision during my marriage but our relationship deteriorated enormously under this situation. Although I was an exemplary condom user, I would have done it without from time to time!

As a pragmatic philosopher I soon realised that I had to put my life energy into the promotion of the sympto-thermal method. Together with Christine we founded SymptoTherm Foundation. Bioself was another gift from heaven. Our desire is to make this method accessible to as many woman as possible throughout the world.»

Testimonials about Bioself from Users of the Sympto-Thermal Method

Sandy M. New York, USA

«Thank-you all. I thank you all for being so caring and understanding and helpful. I am so thankful I bought my Bioself ... I am so happy after 4 years of trying to get pregnant it really happened... The Bioself was a great help, plus it was easy to use and after trying for 4 years you need something easy.»

Elisabeth Longchamp, AVIFA (association Amour, Vie et Famille), Fribourg in Switzerland, (

«Thanks to the sympto-thermal method of self observation, my husband Claude and I could finally get rid of chemical contraception... I remember very well my first ovulation, three months after stopping the pill: it was a real happening and a big joy. Every day, every week, I felt how my body gently woke up again and I was fascinated as I could observe all the different phases of my cycle.»

Diane F., California USA

«I am one of your success stories. My husband and I are very pleased to be able to thank you for your product which helped us to conceive our first child... »

Sabine and Blaise, French part of Switzerland

«Once we had heard about the sympto-thermal method, we felt more free and more responsible at the same time. From that day on we decided about our future and the future of our offspring. We did not depend any more on this little pill which one should never forget; feelings of guilt were also gone.»

Marylin B., Washington, USA

I am pleased to tell you that after 6 months of using Bioself, I am pregnant. For the past two months we also used ovulation predictor kits, but never seemed to time them right... I believe it's a strong indicator of fertility which enabled us to conceive. »

Angelika F., Austria, User of the Sympto-Thermal method

«After the birth of my second child I didn't want to get pregnant again. Therefore I took the pill. After 5 years I heard a friend of mine talking with enthusiasm about this method. In the end, my husband and I went together into one of these courses and we learnt how to apply natural contraception. We decided then to take this new way.»

Dr Luc K., Pharmaceutical Hygienist, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

«The problem with hormonal contraceptives... is that they are a class 'A' drug, this means they are categorised within the toxic substances list as 'Poison'. Strict medical surveillance is required when taking them, due to the strong side effects. This form of medication breaks the fragile equilibrium of the feminine cycle with the aim of stopping ovulation. Unfortunately, because the progress in reducing the active chemicals in hormonal contraception, it is certain that using these drugs regularly, over a period of years, can provoke 'iatrogenic' disorders (disorders caused by medications).»

Man's first environment is the womb.

Heidi K., INER counsellor, Swiss

«I first learnt about the 'Thermal-Symptom' method when I was going to have my second child, Rebecca. I read Professor Rötzer's book, and I applied my new knowledge before the first ovulation had taken place. This method enabled me to refrain from becoming pregnant before the first true periods, as well as after them. I had my first period 185 days (nearly six months) after the birth of my first child, and the second came after 262 days (nearly nine months). These periods were weaker than normal, but they lasted for the same duration. The first true periods started after 299 day (ten months).»

last updated on March 4th, 2014