Q&R sur la prise de température et l'introduction du premier jour de votre cycle.

Bioself and the sympto-thermal method

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Bioself and the sympto-thermal method

Why is my red light phase so long?

Your Bioself uses the average length of your cycle to determine the beginning of the flashing red light phase. If the length of your cycles varies considerably, there could be more red days during your cycle.

Scientific studies have shown that the red phase lasts approximately 10 days per cycle. Your Bioself will not go to green unless it has identified the rise in temperature following ovulation. Thanks to the sympto-thermal method, you could identify the highly fertile phase more precisely.

What are my chances to conceive a child in the red light phase?

Scientific studies have shown that the chances to conceive a child during this phase are less than 10%. Sexual intercourse during this phase will rarely lead to pregnancy. If BIOSELF is used in a contraceptive context however, this period should also be considered as fertile and you should take appropriate measures, either by abstaining or by taking a condom (with the related condom risk). If you want to know more about your red light phase and to identify more infertile days, you can do so by learning the sympto-thermal method.

Is it possible that my Bioself shows a green light phase during the first two weeks of use?

Your BIOSELF needs a certain number of values before being able to identify the infertile green light phase. Bioself may be able to detect the typical temperature change of ovulation if you started to use it in an early phase of your cycle. Normally, Bioself needs to know your fertility profile before it can give you green light.

How many green light days are there per month?

Since all women are different, the number of infertile days will vary for each of them. Scientific studies with BIOSELF have shown that the number of those days varies from 30 to 55% of your cycle. For example, the duration of green light is 14 days for a 28-day cycle. When applying the sympto-thermal method, you can add another 10 % of infertile days, with irregular cycles even more. It is up to you to decide whether your love relationship is improved by knowing more infertile days (for instant, if your partner or you are reluctant or allergic to the condom).

Are there any sympto-thermal fertility computers?

No, there are not. However there exist fertility computers with this denomination. As a matter of fact, the other equally important fertility sign relevant to the sympto-thermal method is the cervical fluid (the fluid produced by the cervix of your uterus). You can of course enter data about your cervical fluid as well as other fertility signs, but you will not gain any more infertile days (or days without condom). Instead of entering all sorts of fertility signs into a complicated computer, we encourage you to know your body better by adopting the sympto-thermal life style. To study a user's manual of such complicated devices may reveal to be much more demanding than to integrate a good book about the sympto-thermal method.

Can BIOSELF tell me what day on my cycle I am on?

Yes, you just need to press on the black button. If for example you see "C1-12" displayed, you are at the 12th day of your cycle.

How does BIOSELF inform me that I am probably pregnant?

The word "BABY?" will appear on the screen when the second green phase exceeds 16 days. It is then advisable that you have your curve printed.

The print-out of your data will also calculate the theoretical delivery day. The sympto-thermal approach gives you also easy calculation clues about the delivery day.

How long can I use BIOSELF?

You can use your BIOSELF as long as you have menstrual cycles between 18 and 39 days long. It is useless to use BIOSELF if you take the pill or if you are under hormonal treatment. However, if you have adopted the sympto-thermal way, you can use Bioself as a measurement device also for very irregular cycles during breast feeding and pre-menopause.

Are there situations where the use of BIOSELF is medically contraindicated?

No. BIOSELF is part of a natural family planning method which does not generate any contraindications.

Does BIOSELF protect me against sexually transmissible diseases (STD) or AIDS?

Of course not. BIOSELF cannot protect you from any sexually transmitted diseases or the HIV virus.

What happens if I take some medicine?

It should also be known that some medicines can also affect body temperature. If you require long term drug treatment, please consult your doctor.

What happens if I have just stopped the pill or IUD or any other hormonal device?

Once you stop hormonal contraception, your body needs 2, 3 or more months relief before your cycle becomes normal again (ovulation with complete biphasic cycle). During this period, which is a very good time to learn the sympto-thermal method, BIOSELF cannot be used for contraception.

Can Bioself be used by teenagers?

The young woman has to learn first more about her cycle. She can join in a program on Fertility Awareness and use Bioself just for temperature measurements. As soon as the young woman has realised that her last 12 cycles were biphasic, she can use Bioself for contraceptive use and learn the rules of the sympto-thermal method.

What happens if I am in pre-menopause?

Since the duration of the cycles undergo unpredictable significant variations during the years preceding menopause, you cannot take into account the indications provided by the red and green lights. In this case, the device can only be used to follow the temperature curve and determine if ovulation took place. The temperature curve can be of use to your doctor for some diagnoses.

Can I stop using BIOSELF temporarily?

Yes, but it is not recommended. If you do not record your temperature during a month or longer, you will not have a green light phase. We recommend you to continue to press the red menstruation button to record the length of your cycles. We remind you that if you do not press the red menstruation button during 99 days, the device will automatically erase all your data and you will have to start all over again.

What happens if I'm pregnant and I wish to stop using BIOSELF?

If you want to keep all your data's stored:

Just take the batteries out. When you will start using your BIOSELF again, wait the first day of your period to register your temperature and then press the red menstruation's button. Breast feeding is a privileged time to learn all about the sympto-thermal method while observing the come back of your fertility signs.

If you don't want to keep your data's stored:

Once you stop using BIOSELF, after 99 days all the memory will be erased. At that time, you should take the batteries out.

What happens if the batteries get low?

With normal use the batteries should last 1 year. The device will warn you when the batteries should be replaced by displaying the message « BAT » on the display screen. You will then have 2 weeks to change the batteries. It is essential that you change all the batteries at the same time. Avoid changing them during the flashing red light phase.

If you do not change the batteries within the allotted time, the device will continue to store your data in its memory, but you will no longer be able to use them.

Can I erase the data in my device?

Yes. Consult your distributor or sympto-thermal counsellor to obtain the instruction to reprogram your device.

Can another woman use my BIOSELF?

For several reasons, and especially for reasons of hygiene, we strongly recommend that each Bioself should be used by one woman only.

What should I do if I have the impression that my BIOSELF is defective?

If you have any problem with your device, get immediately in touch with your customer service or counsellor.

last updated on March 4th, 2014